Energy Efficiency Consultation

The principle of energy efficiency consultation is very simple. Every kilowatt hour which isn’t consumed brings every business a clear benefit. We analyse your energy consumers and show you options for consumption optimization and a more rational approach to the use of energy. Here, a detailed data analysis of the actual situation, as well as a comprehensive review of the conditions on-site, is carried out with the responsible contact persons from the company. A successful consultation in efficient energy consumption can only be carried out with the responsible leading persons in the company. The results are finally processed in such a way that the company’s decision-making bodies receive a clear database from which they can make their investment decisions.

  • Actual-data analysis
    • Compilation of the consumption data
    • Compilation of the relevant energy systems
    • Assignment of the consumption data to the relevant energy systems
    • Data evaluation
  • Site inspection
    • An inspection of the installation with the responsible members of staff
    • Clarification of any open questions
    • Discussion about possible optimization potential
  • Catalogue of measures
    • Compilation of a catalogue of measures to reduce energy consumption
    • Presentation of the catalogue of measures and defining further procedures

Self-Generating “Make or Buy” Analysis/Contracting

Is it worthwhile for your company to generate electricity itself and to use the generated warmth in other heating or cooling processes? In a “make or buy” analysis, we look for the most economic option to provide energy for you. For this purpose, a detailed compilation of the consumption situation over a certain period of time is just as decisive as the energy and legal framework conditions.

In close consultation with you, we check whether contracting can be used for technical solutions and whether it satisfies your economic requirements.

CHP (KWK)-Principle:

Subsidy Possibilities

Guarantee your technological advantage and your competitiveness by taking advantage of the numerous subsidies and grants from the Federal Government, the Federal States or even the EU. These rates provide incentive effects for the worthwhile investment in energy efficient technology and renewable energy. We look forward to consulting you about which areas subsidies can be applied for, to analysing the subsidy potential of your project together with you and to assist you in completing the necessary application documents.

Renewable Energy

We show you possible ways you can use renewable energies for your company, which state subsidies can be expected and we can determine, independently, the economic profitability of these projects for you.

We support you in the professional and safe Carbon dioxide neutralization of your energy consumption.