Natural Gas

Natural Gas Procurement

In the course of liberalization of the energy markets, natural gas has become a commodity. As with electricity procurement, there is also a range of procurement concepts in natural gas procurement. These range from fixed-price contracts, through tranche models, portfolio models to classic oil price-indexed supply concepts. Depending on the individual requirements, a combination of such models could be chosen.

In close consultation with you, we evaluate your requirements structure and develop the optimal procurement concept for you. We take care of the supplier selection, taking into account the respective procurement concept. In this process, we utilize the complete range of suppliers from the classic natural gas generators to the local natural gas suppliers. Within the framework of a qualified call for tender, we determine the suitable supplier by taking into consideration the natural gas-related specifics of your delivery point.

As part of a permanent monitoring of your natural gas procurement, we would point out the optimal energy procurement times. Depending on the customer’s requirements, different procurement triggers would be implemented such as the variable Stop-Loss, the momentum analysis, the target price tracking or the limits of opportunity and risk.

Natural Gas Price Development