Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Consultation

The principle of energy efficiency consultation is very simple. Every kilowatt hour which isn’t consumed brings every business a clear benefit. We analyse your energy consumers and show you options for consumption optimization and a more rational approach to the use of energy. Here, a detailed data analysis of the actual situation, as well as a comprehensive review of the conditions on-site, is carried out with the responsible contact persons from the company. A successful consultation in efficient energy consumption can only be carried out with the responsible leading persons in the company. The results are finally processed in such a way that the company’s decision-making bodies receive a clear database from which they can make their investment decisions.

  • Actual-data analysis
    • Compilation of the consumption data
    • Compilation of the relevant energy systems
    • Assignment of the consumption data to the relevant energy systems
    • Data evaluation
  • Site inspection
    • An inspection of the installation with the responsible members of staff
    • Clarification of any open questions
    • Discussion about possible optimization potential
  • Catalogue of measures
    • Compilation of a catalogue of measures to reduce energy consumption
    • Presentation of the catalogue of measures and defining further procedures