Energy Grid

Grid Connection

We check and analyse your grid connection for grid-connected energy (electricity, natural gas and, eventually, district heating).

On the basis of this analysis, we design the appropriate grid connection for electricity and natural gas supplies, taking into account the economic conditions, and advise you on the economic energy design of your grid connection and connection contract.
This consideration is not only decisive with a new connection, but also for extensions and conversion measures.

We accompany you comprehensively, especially in difficult and crucial issues such as the construction cost subsidy or the network cost contribution.


Grid Usage and Special Forms

Due to the multitude of special regulations for grid charges, we are continuously reviewing for you the possibility of implementing special forms of grid usage (electricity and natural gas). In such a case, we are dealing with a complex, but permanent, significant optimization of your transport costs in the energy sector. Furthermore we support you with appropriate measures for the optimization and long-term securing of savings and accompany the necessary contracts with the grid operator.

Grid Management/Grid Reserves (Secondary Reserves / Minute Reserves / Intraday Market)

We analyse whether participation in the standard energy or similar market is possible and we find the suitable supplier for you. In the implementation, we support you with recommendations for the optimal use of your resources, especially in matters related to grid usage, taxes and levies.

Primary regulated reserves

Secondary regulated reserves

Minute reserves

Spot market


Ordinance on Agreements Concerning Interruptible Loads (AbLaV)