Management Services

Management Services

Integrated management system

We will help you to integrate the energy management system into your existing management system (quality, environmental, occupational health and safety). The 50001 standard on the energy management system is structured like the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards in the High Level Structure and works with the same terms and definitions. These standards thus provide the ideal conditions for an integrated management system (IMS). A well-functioning IMS bundles resources.

Internal audit

According to the ISO 50001 standard, the management system must be evaluated at regular intervals by means of an internal audit. In addition to determining the current status of your management system, internal audits can also identify significant energy efficiency potential. In a cycle of 3 years, all processes of your company’s energy management system are audited for compliance with standard.

The internal audit is performed by the internal auditor, who must be “competent” and “independent” according to the ISO standard – this ties up additional resources. ISO 19011 serves as a guideline for the implementation.

As trained and independent auditors, we will conduct professional internal audits in your company in accordance with DIN EN ISO 19011.

Our services within the scope of the internal audit:

  • Audit planning
  • Audit interview
  • Audit of all chapters of the ISO 50001 standard
  • Preparation of a detailed audit report
  • Presentation of the results to the management

Training & Awareness

The ISO 50001 standard has explicitly enshrined the topics of awareness and competence as individual standard chapters. This emphasizes the great (and often underestimated) importance of these topics. With a strong awareness of energy in general and of energy management, waste of energy can be eliminated without high investment costs and thus energy costs can be reduced. We are happy to support you in building awareness and competence of your employees on your energy management system. Our trainings are thematically individually adapted to your company and the desired staff.

Our services:

  • Planning and coordination of training content
  • Preparation of training materials for internal use
  • Conduct of in-house and online training courses
  • Training for managers

Legal Register

Corporate compliance is an essential part of the energy, environment and occupational health and safety management systems. A standardized procedure for updating and identifying the relevant laws, ordinances and administrative regulations is very helpful in this regard. We will help you to set up a legal register and keep it up to date. We identify and evaluate the binding obligations and create the reference to company-specific processes, areas and facilities.