Management Services

Management Services


Integrated Management Systems

Generate, together with our experts, a streamlined and efficient management system and set up an Integrated Management System (IMS). Combine important resources and exploit synergetic factors of quality, environmental, energy and industrial safety management. Consequently, you will reduce your documentation, the time and personnel expenditure and, thus, ensure all the benefits of an integrated system. We prepare your systems for joint certification as an integrated management system.

Internal Audits

The review of management systems is an essential prerequisite for the improvement process in the company. During an audit, the company’s legal requirements as well as requirements of the Standard are put to the test. The audit reflects the current status of the management system. It provides indications about improvement possibilities and/or initiates corrective measures where there are deviations from the standard management system, in order to prepare the system for the next certification.

Services within the framework of the internal audits:
– Audit planning
– Audit interviewing
– Examination of all standard points in the audit
– Compilation of a detailed audit report
– Presentation of the results before the management

As trained auditors, we carry out professional internal audits in your company according to the industrial standard DIN EN ISO 19011.

External Representative

Representative for Energy Management

The legislator demands that a company must have a large number of representatives, the commissioning of whom can be outsourced. The advantage is that you don’t have to send employees to regular courses and can, therefore, concentrate on your core issues. As your company representatives, we prepare relevant issues in these areas and advise you regarding the implementation of legal obligations.

Through our know-how, we support and advise you in matters relating to energy management.
We take over important consulting and information gathering duties for you!

Training and Awareness

Education, instruction and training of employees are considered to be the most important corporate activities within a company. Employees have to be made aware of their responsibilities. Complex topics such as legal requirements in energy relevant tasks must therefore be instructed regularly. Only in this way, can one ensure that legal duties of superiors and employees are observed and implementedlong-term. This contributes to a legally competent company operation.

Training, Instruction and Seminars

The fundamental requirement of every ISO standard for management systems is the adequate education and instruction of the employees in the field of energy.
We qualify your employees and superiors to use your management system.

In-house Training and Day Seminars

Sending employees to seminars costs time and money. We train your employees in-house, orientating the content of our training on your business topics.

We offer you the following consultation topics:
– The responsibility and liability of superiors
– Training of internal auditors

Legal Register

The adherence to corporate compliance is an integral part of energy, environmental protection and occupational safety management systems. In order to do this, one needs a standardized procedure for updating and identifying the relevant laws, regulations and administrative regulations. We help you to compile a legal register and to keep it up to date. We identify and evaluate binding commitments and relate them to company-specific processes, areas and installations.