Electricity Procurement

Electricity suppliers offer a range of very different procurement models. These models range from the classic fixed-price models, through tranche models, structured procurement models to the company’s own portfolio management.

We analyse, in close consultation with you, your consumption and your acceptance procedure in order to develop the most suitable business model for you. In this process, we take into account the extent to which spot and futures markets can be combined. In the framework of qualified tenders we choose, in consultation with you, a suitable supplier with the compiled model and evaluate, within the context of the tender in addition to the price components, further important conditions of delivery.

In the framework of a continuous monitoring of the procurement process, we support you at every stage in the management of your contracts. We compile a procurement strategy with you in order to optimize the purchasing date and take on the time-consuming task of monitoring the daily price development in order to determine the suitable procurement times. Upon request, a procurement manual can be prepared in advance in order to minimize procurement risks and increase opportunities by using appropriate purchasing triggers or a temporal allocation of procurement dates.

Electricity Price Development