Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy/Carbon-Dioxide-Neutral Energy Procurement

Alongside the traditional energy supply contracts, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to integrate additional Carbon dioxide neutral components into their own supply as part of the process of decarbonization. This, for example, is done in order to meet supplier specifications to achieve their own environmental goals, or to have an optimized Carbon footprint globally. Hereby, we support you in developing the suitable concept for your company.

On the one hand, implementation can be achieved by means of the appropriate selection of certificates for the reduction of Carbon dioxide emissions, i.e. indirect decarbonization. These certificates range from simplified proof of origin to complex Carbon dioxide savings projects. The possibilities are manifold and are selected according to company specifications. As a result, the Carbon footprint is improved accordingly.

On the other hand, a decarbonization can be achieved physically. Again, we will support you in your selection of the appropriate concept. Such a concept could be, for example, the use of Carbon dioxide neutral electricity generating systems, such as PV systems. We analyse your current situation and work out the appropriate concept for you, taking into account your consumption structure. The necessary contractual implementation is also supported by us.